What is Empowered Sex?

DSC_9628e resize What is Empowered Sex?
My favorite quote is one from Dr. Seuss – “Be who you are, and say what you feel, for those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.” Wouldn’t life be great if we could embrace who we are and say what we feel?  Imagine living in a world where we could express our sexuality and desires without guilt or shame, or fear of societal condemnation? That’s what Empowered Sex is all about!

What role are you playing today?
Our American culture has created a sexist society in which men and women are bred to play their assigned roles and are ostracized for writing their own script.  As an American woman who’s been on the planet for awhile, I believe that these outdated belief systems around sexuality are the basis of many of our afflictions.

Let’s get real.
Empowered Sex began as an idea for a television talk show that provides an open and honest forum for real people with diverse backgrounds to discuss very personal and controversial topics regarding sexuality and relationships – in a non-threatening environment – think ”Bill Maher – Real Time” meets “Real Sex”.

Sex makes the world go ‘round.
I have traveled the world and interviewed both men and women from different races, religions, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds. In my travels and research I discovered that as both sexual and spiritual beings, we all grapple with very similar issues in life. Within the constraints of our polite society and sanitized world of ‘family values’, however, we rarely get to express our thoughts and concerns openly and honestly. This leaves a large percentage of the population with many unexpressed desires and unanswered questions.

My experience has been that the U.S., with all of our freedom, is viewed by other progressive countries, as rather provincial and even hypocritical in regards to our attitudes on most sexual issues, including equality between the sexes.

Time + Wisdom + Experience = Power
My focus is on the sexual expression of women over the age of 35. I believe that we are the ones who have the wisdom, the power, the courage, and the experience to shift perception and ultimately, change history. By breaking through old stereotypes, and saying ‘no’ to what society and our media have been proliferating for centuries, we can take our power back and throw out all the out-dated rules, leaving a legacy for our children and grandchildren that will lead to a better quality of life on the planet.

Patti comtemp ed

Can we talk?
I’ll be sharing some interviews and posting some blogs that will encourage open discussion around topics such as monogamy, the sexual liberation of women, how our cultural and religious backgrounds impact sexual and marital relationships, pornography for women, and the stereotypes and labels that plague older women.

The mission of Empowered Sex:
My mission is to inspire other women embarking on the most important second half of life’s journey– to embrace their sexuality in all of its glorious femininity and unleash the Goddess within! And to educate the men who love and worship empowered women, breaking through old worn out paradigms so we can all enjoy better sex, through better communication, resulting in better lives!

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