Contact Empowered Sex to share your opinions and stories. I welcome your input and am looking for the following:

Looking for REAL People

I am looking for women, aged 35 or older, who have unleashed their ‘inner Goddess’. If you have a story to share I’d love to hear from you.

If you are a self-assured man who loves an empowered Goddess or two or three…., I’d love to hear from you too!

I will be looking for panel participants and a live audience from time to time for the taping of future episodes of “Empowered Sex”, my talk show where I’ll talk with real people, who aren’t afraid to get real honest, about real edgy sex and relationship topics. Really!

Looking for REAL Issues

If you have a topic you’d like to throw out for discussion – whether you’re an expert, or just an inquiring mind who wants to know, I’d like to hear about that too. I’m always looking for new ideas for our panel discussions.

Looking for REAL Sponsors

If you have a product or service that empowers women, and would like to advertise on my site or sponsor my show, let’s talk.

Just fill out the contact form below and let me know what is on your mind!

Thanks for stopping by. Stayed tuned for new posts, hot discussions, and new links!

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